Residential Cleaning Services in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Ferrada Services provides several residential cleaning services for homes in the Greater Cincinnati area.

father and son on carpet

Steam Carpet Cleaning

We steam clean carpets of any type, from durable indoor/outdoor to the plushest frieze carpeting, as well as area rugs. Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method that removes dirt, dust, and allergens no matter how long they’ve been in the fibers. Using truck-mounted equipment, we can get carpeting in up to seven areas of your home clean in one job.

Spot/Pet Odor Removal

For those unexpected stains, including those with pet odor, Ferrada Services uses powerful cleaning solutions to successfully spot clean any type of carpet. Just some of the stains we remove include wine, grease, oil, and candle wax. Pet odor stains are not just masked, but completely lifted from the fabric. All of our cleaning products are effective while being safe for children and pets, promoting optimal air quality as well.


Our cleaning team knows that couches come in a variety of materials from cotton to leather. Most of these materials are difficult to clean completely with normal household cleaners, which often leave spots behind. We can deep clean your upholstery for a spotless, fresh finish. We can also apply Scotchgard to keep liquid stains from penetrating the fabric.

Vehicle Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services also extend to your vehicle. Ferrada Services can clean your rugs and other areas of cloth interior. From compact cars to large trucks and SUVs, we get the job done quickly so you can ride in a clean, spotless vehicle.

Air Duct Cleaning

We also provide air duct cleaning to successfully remove allergens and debris from your indoor air. Cleaning your air ducts regularly also ensures your furnace and air conditioner function efficiently, keeping energy costs down as much as possible.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It’s important to keep your dryer vent free from clothing fibers, dust, and hair—a clogged dryer vent not only prevents your dryer from working properly (or at all); it can also pose a fire hazard. Dryer vent cleaning takes only minutes when done by our professional cleaners.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is also part of our residential cleaning services. Ferrada Services removes dirt and mildew from the surface of your tiles and the grout in between to restore a like-new appearance. We work with tile and grout in your bathroom, kitchen, and flooring in any room.

Water Extraction

If you’ve experienced a flood or plumbing leak that has caused excess moisture in your carpeting and on your floors, Ferrada Services provides water extraction to prevent major structural damage and mold growth. Using shop vacuums, fans, and cleaning solutions, we’ll have your home clean and dry in no time. We accommodate emergency water extraction services as needed.

Power Washing Deck & Patio

When it comes to your home’s exterior, we provide power washing for your deck and/or patio. Using water only or water with a soap solution, we blast away dirt, moss growth, debris, and any other substances, leaving your wood deck or concrete patio looking as good as they did the day they were built.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

We provide hardwood floor cleaning as well to remove dirt, dust, and water marks without damaging the wood. If your hardwood flooring is chipped, scratched, or faded, we also provide refinishing to restore your floor, protecting it from future damage.

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